Businesses that benefit from our credit management
Astre helps:
  • Businesses with overdue accounts (for example, over six months)
  • Businesses of any size, no business is too large or too small
  • Companies that don't need full-time credit control. (Note: If you employ a part-time credit controller for a few hours a week in your office, then you are restricted as to which customers you can reach. You may not be able to contact all your customers in those few hours. In contrast, Astre can spend that allocated time throughout the week, after work hours or at weekends. This way, we can be sure of reaching your customers. This also helps improve your company profile as your customers will think that you have full-time credit control.)
  • Businesses where a director does the work of a credit controller. (Note: This can be counterproductive if the director is trying to promote their company, then asking clients for money. Astre can ask for you, freeing you up to grow your business.)
  • Businesses needing their sales ledgers managed or cleaned up for the year end
  • Businesses also like to use us as an alternative to a debt collection agency, as our approach is far more friendly and means that there is a better chance of relationships continuing once any account issues have been resolved.
In some cases our clients' accounts may have been overdue for some years. They might seem uncollectible, so-called 'delinquent' accounts. Even with these, Astre can usually obtain payment.

Most Astre clients use us as an extension of their own workforce. They are pleased to have us on board as experts in our field, working under their name.

Let us help you
Is your business like any of the ones described here?

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